Stanton Kernan

I am working on behalf of Mr. Caplin, so I would be the point of contact. Vladimir Prodanovich is a well-known, respected artist.

Vladimir was born in Belgrade Yugoslavia in 1952 and began his artistic career at the age of seven. As a young boy Vladimir attended a local art show and entered a contest and won third prize. At the age of 13 he was invited to be an apprentice to a noted Yugoslavian artist where, for the next 10 years later and Vladimir learn to hone his artistic skills. In 1983 at the age of 31, Vladimir boarded an airplane for “the promised land of America” with $300 in his pocket. His first home was in Philadelphia where he painted cars, homes and billboards, while still finding the time to paint on his own and learn English. Three years later Vladimir drove west to California where he lived for the next 27 years and established himself as a serious artist. His artwork, described as neo-expressionist, is highly textured and vibrant. Composition and form can vary wildly but are all executed with mastery. Vladimir has many collectors worldwide. He is also known for his philanthropy, every year donating paintings to various organizations to raise money for charities. For his efforts he was awarded the prestigious Ellis Island medal of honor in New York City in 2011. Currently, Vladimir Prodanovich's art studio is in Florida, USA, where he has transformed a public park with 2 large sculptures of the female form. He also has public art in The Holocaust Museum (Cathedral City), paintings and sculptures in The Desert Aids Project (Palm Springs). Some recipients of his generosity include: Habitat for Humanity, Larry King Cardiac Foundation, Chabad Jewish Center, Laguna Beach Presbyterian Church, Kabalah Center (LA) to name a few. As an artist Vladimir is very prolific. His lifestyle is that of a true artist living and working in his studio, painting all hours of the day or night and living to create.

Amy Rothman

The photo does not do this piece justice. It is a beautiful piece painted by a very talented artist. Here is a link to an interview that was done by "Talk of the Desert" with Dick and Ava a few years ago:

Martha E Arterberry

The work is in Palm Desert (even though my contact address is in Maine). I am happy to bring it to the museum for evaluation.

My mother - Martha (Beth) Arterberry was a docent for many years at the museum. She passed away recently.

Alyssa Klauer

Good Morning,

I hope you're doing well. My name is Alyssa Klauer, I'm reaching out because I am interested in submitting my artwork as stated on your website.

I recently concluded a NXTHVN (Titus Kaphar's Mentorship Program) Studio Fellowship where I was also selected as a TOY Fellow. My most recent exhibitions have been at Sean Kelly Gallery, Fredericks and Freiser Gallery, and 1969 Gallery. I was also a 2022 MoCa Cleveland Toby's Prize nominee and a February 2023 resident at the La Brea Studio Artist Residency. I've added links to my instagram and website for your reference.

Please let me know if you need any additional information from me. I look forward to hearing from you, thank you for your time.

All my best,

Deirdre Hammer
Leslie Stewart


Guillaume Goureau


Karen Carter

Original oil painting, Palm Dessert Landscape signed by R J Hockenberry

Jeanne Welch

Paper work can be provided. We are leaving the desert and feel that the Curtis photographs should remain in the Valley. You have the nice Indian Area adjacent to the Western .
The glass piece would be a nice addition to your exhibit. It was center to the Links Exhibit.
If you have a lengthy process, could we expedite it?
Just so you know I'm not a flake, I live by several of your board members.
Jeanne Welch

Donald Burns

Dear PS Art Museum,

Wanted to see if the museum would want to accept these works as a charitable donation. Please contact my assistant Britt Verna to arrange if you are interested. Then we will get a certified appraisal for non-cash charitable contribution. Let us know, thank you.

Don Burns

Brent Backhus