Art Foundations

Art foundations is an achronological exploration of how various forms of art have been produced throughout the last two centuries. It presents itself as a succession of spaces each questioning how art is made, by who and where...

Clockwise the exploration presents successively works exemplifying how trained artists approached art from the craft angle of waving, folding, knotting to art as an embodiment of a concept, then focusing on the variety of approaches of representing figures and bodies parts which are amongst the first motives artists have played with since art is art. How do you represent someone as a body, as a social figure, and how you make your work as resembling each other as possible.

Gallery X questions how art has been confiscated by trained artists and shows a selection of works produced by self-trained artists or by artists looking into the immediate and low technique approach of street artists. The last gallery is a brief presentation of where the art sits during the phase of its embodiment – the studio, the exhibition space, the art fair as well as the space enclosed or delimited by the artwork.